Complete Trash Removal and Recycling Services for Commercial Properties

At Sanitation Service Inc., we dispose waste for commercial properties in a cost-effective way. We have containers in various sizes to accommodate waste from any location, including rear-load dumpsters, compactors, roll-off boxes and recycling containers.

Rear Load (Box Size - 1.5 Yard)45"H x 31"W x 77"W

Rear Load (Box Size - 4 Yard)48"H x 84"L x 77"W

Rear Load (Box Size - 6 Yard)48"H x 84"L x 77"W


Rear Load (Box Size - 8 Yard)48"H x 96"L x 77"W

Self-Contained CompactorVaries : 20-30 yard

Receiver Box CompactorVaries : 25-40 yard


What Our Commercial Customers Say!

Sanitation Services has provided reliable commercial sanitation services for the Cross Roads Plaza North shopping center since 2010.
Cross Roads Plaza North

Commercial Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often will Sanitation Services come pickup my commercial dumpster?

As much as you like

Q. What happens when i forget to take out the trash?

You have to wait until next week