Waste Removal and Recycling Services

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Residential Cleanup Services

Residential Cleanup Services

96 Gallon Tote Service
Weekly Pickup Service
Pickup three 30-gallon garbage cans in untoted areas

* Large amount of trash or clean out material can be subject to extra charge


What Our Residential Customers Say!

Always on time and great customer service. Also, they are very accommodating!

George F.
Sanitation Service has great customer service and is reliable.
Brent Emmerich

Great Service!

Sharon G

Residential Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a toter. Do I still need to bag my trash?

Yes. You still need to use bags. It helps keep the trash from sticking to the bottom of the can. Bagging trash also prevents loose trash from blowing away when dumping it in to the garbage truck as well as decreases odor in the can.

Q. What time will the driver pick up my trash?

We tell all our customers to have their trash out by 7:00 A.M. or the night before. Do not time the driver. This will guarantee that you will be picked up on the appropriate day.

Q. What is considered "regular household trash"?

Refuse produced inside the home on a regular basis such as food & food packaging, diapers, product packaging.

Q. How do I dispose of paint?

Paint in solid form can be taken in your regular trash. Mix with sand, dirt or kitty litter to bulk up the paint and assist in drying quicker.

Q. I sat a large item with my trash but the garbage truck didn't take it.

Anything outside regular household trash must be scheduled for a pick up. Many larger items can not go in to a garbage truck due to possible damage to the blades. We must send a separate vehicle to pick up these items so scheduling pickup at least one day in advance is very important in order for us to meet your needs.


Q. I noticed on my bill I was charged for an extra hopper. What's a hopper?

It is a way for us to measure how much extra trash you had. A hopper is the back end of a garbage truck that the garbage is dumped in to and then crushed with the blade.

Q. I have all my other bills set up on automatic payments. Do you guys offer any sort of automatic payment?

We do! We can mail you an ACH form and all you have to do is fill it out, attach a voided check, and mail it back to us. Then we will put your information into our system and every time your bill comes due, it will pay directly from your checking account.

Q. The garbage truck just drove past my house. He got my neighbor across the road, but he didn't get mine.

Sanitation Service, Inc. has upgraded to automatic garbage trucks. The truck had an automated arm on the left side of the truck that picks up the toter, dumps it into the truck, and sets the can back down. Therefore, the driver must pick up trash from the left side of the truck. He will be back for your side of the street soon.

Q. What can I NOT set out for the truck on trash day?

Car batteries, car tires, liquids, acids, furniture, appliances, electronics, and yard debris and not allowed in the landfill according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Q. How do I get rid of my yard waste?

We can accept yard waste that has been put in the brown paper lawn bags from your local home store. Fill the bag, seal it up, and give us a call to schedule a pick up. There is a $2.50 charge per bag that we can add to your bill.

Q. When do I put my trash out if my regular pickup day is on a holiday?

You will put your trash out the following day. View our closed holiday schedule